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Then Harper just missed catching a line drive over his head from Tucker Barnhart, which would have been the third out but ended up building the Reds’ lead from three to five. “There’s nothing you can do about those balls that find holes,” Nationals Manager Dusty Baker said. “But [Roark] threw the ball better today than the score indicated.” After Barnhart’s double, Roark simply held his glove up for the ball, battered beyond response. By that time, he had allowed 11 runs in his previous 1⅓ innings, a number unthinkable when he cruised through last season. “I told myself you don’t need to change a thing,” Roark said. “Just keep attacking, keep moving the ball in and out, up and down.” The trouble seemed to be command, which is always the trouble really, begging further explanation. It probably is as simple as Roark says: He is battling his mechanics and he is not winning. But Roark started to win that battle more as the game went on. After throwing 40 pitches in that tough-luck first, he threw 36 in the next three innings combined, thereby demonstrating one of those qualities that is a staple of Roark’s better times — the ability to make sure his bad days do not turn into lengthy ones for the bullpen.

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